Well hello there Cowboy,

This project is brought to you by the members of both the Cardistry and the Magic community with a common aim set by I, Goat-Biz, to pull people out of their comfort zones by providing them with content which will make hands scream for more, challenge minds to wonder and, hopefully, provide humans with material which inspires and boners one up. Cause if it ain't exciting you, then why are we naked in the first place. Ain't I right?

Issue 6

I have arrived from Spain a week ago and after contacting artists, I don't feel like I can put out a quality issue in such a short amount of time. So the issue has been postponed due to professional ambition.// 0pages, 0MB.

Issue 5

Daniel Lin dropping a Cross Display OH Cut, Rochdi with a simple yet elegant sandwich change, Biz teaches palms (as always) and Mr. Varrieth drops his "Catwalk" flourish. Plus, Scott Black Interview. // 18pages, 6MB.

Issue 4

This month was sort of hazardous, but the only person to blame here is the girl I moved in with and the happiness and control she has brought into my life. Hence, no January Issue. She shall not be forgiven! // 0pages, 0MB.

Issue 3

Featuring REAL Interviews with REAL cardists (Manuela Rud, Mr. "X" and Carl Karlsson) and plenty of submissions from peeps like Mr. Caldwell, Chotu, Ryuji, Patrick Kun and many others. // 23pages, 48MB.

Issue 2

Dennis Jin falls in love with Biz, The Goat continues its adventures and cardists such as Mike van der Burg, Rama Dimasatria and "Little" Duy contribute material to the magazine. // 24pages, 43MB.

Issue 1

Brendan Connor wakes up to a levitating goat outside his window, Alvin gets herpes (it's not as bad as it sounds), Mr. Morzaria has a nightmare and Sebastian Skowron dreams himself a rapper. // 21pages, 13MB.